Conference chairs

Conference chairs

Lieve Helsen and Wim Boydens embody the colourful synergy between academia and practitioners through fruitful research collaborations and driving forces in multiple organizations, among them IBPSA-NVL, ODE, EHPA, ATIC, ESP. Full of enthusiasm they act as the Conference Chairs of the BS2021 Conference with the aim to create real impact. They stimulate interaction between researchers and practitioners, exchange knowledge and skills, create an atmosphere to make plans for future projects, collaborations and cooperations. In the run-up to BS2021, they trigger all societal levels by provoking awareness, curiosity and competition, and by convincing different stakeholders that being @ BS2021 is a must. Behind the screens they coordinate all actions needed to create a breeding ground for quality and excellence, embraced by history, industry and undoubtedly policy, topped with a relaxing atmosphere inherently found in the calm, safe, inspiring and welcoming city centre of Bruges … an experience which is more than a conference!

It will feel as too short, but we will translate this into ‘never ending’ by creating an environment that allows ideas popping up and giving seeds for continuous creation of impact. We will draw attention of policy makers, industries, designers, practitioners such as architects, consultants, contractors and stakeholder associations, besides researchers, generating feedback from society while tackling challenges in energy transition.

Lieve Helsen

Professor Lieve Helsen

Professor Lieve Helsen (KU Leuven & EnergyVille) is leading the Thermal Systems Simulation (The SySi) research group @ KU Leuven, focusing on energy system integration in buildings and districts. Their mission is to optimise the performance of thermal systems through integrated optimal control and optimal design. As chairwoman she established the Flanders Heat Pump Platform in 2008 and organised multiple highly-attended local Heat Pump Symposia that stimulated interaction between researchers and practitioners. She is member of IBPSA-NVL, ATIC, ODE, EHPA, the Flanders Heat Pump Platform, the International Scientific Committee of the ZEN Center at NTNU and UCEEB at TUPrague, core-member of EnergyVille, spokesperson of Moonshot MOT-4 Core Team and nominated as member of AcademiaNet, which is a database of profiles of excellent female researchers from all disciplines (The Portal to Excellent Women Academics – outstanding scientific qualifications, academic credentials and independent leadership activities), alongside Angela Merkel 😉
Wim Boydens

Professor Wim Boydens

Professor Wim Boydens (UGent & Boydens Engineering) is leading the technical and scientific progress of the engineering company in research and practice, and is visiting professor at Ghent university for 20 years. He has built up expertise in design of technical installations in buildings, follow up of construction, elaborating sustainable energy concepts, monitoring of real performances, … As CSTO & co-owner of Boydens Engineering in 1994 he, together with his brother, expanded the company with offices in Brussels and Luxembourg and to South East Asia with the opening of offices in Hanoi and Singapore. His activities are focused on IEQ, energy performance of buildings, renewable and residual energy sources (R²ES), integrated systems and hybrid supply design for different climate zones. He is former board member of EHPA (2016-2020), board member of IBPSA-NVL and ODE, and member of ATIC, ESP, alternate Belgian delegate to IEA HPT and co-chair of the Flanders Heat Pump Platform.